About Me

My personality and creativity really depends on the day, my mood, whats in my recycle bin or down the aisle at the store- it’s called creativity mood swings. 🙂 I am the former co-host and designer of Aleene’s Creative Living television show that aired for 15 years on TNN, TLC and Lifetime. I have dozens of published books on creativity and crafting and many more to come. I love creating and of course my grandkids, okay I love my family too. Gardening can be fun in the sun. Romance novels move me and nurture me. I love to motivate people to bring out their creativity because every one is creative in their own special way.

9 responses to “About Me

  1. Boy do I miss the TV show Aleenes Creative Living.
    Are you on television anywhere?

  2. Beverlee Mossman

    Hi Heidi just wanted you to know I stopped by to visit you and I love your website and blog and all the beautiful things you have an are creating. Would love to exchange recycling ideas with you when ever you have a few minutes lol yes I know a few minutes can be lot of time so whnever ok I am not going anyplace I am so happy that you and I are friends and to have you as a friend and crafty buddie at the same time is awesome. Anyway see ya later ok I am still looking through your webiste and will be back for sure

    Hugs Love and Prayers Love Bev

    PS You may call me Bev all of my friends do and you for sure are a friend

    God Bless

  3. I totally agree with you about bringing out someones creativity. Its something that brings me joy. I always tell them that thier creative self is inside them and they just need to tune into it.

    Always living creatively,

  4. thank you so much for all your inspiration. I started watching your show when my daughter was little and used many of your ideas for girl scouts and gift giving. so glad I found your site!

  5. The Bracelets are a really good idea!! I make similar little bits in my spare time and I love almost anything recycled. It’s really simple but so nice!

    Keep creating

  6. Saw your soda can flowers on pinterest, but can’t find the actual directions, only the pictures. Could you share those with me?

  7. Nancy Klobassa-Davidson

    Hi, my girlfriend and I just did a craft you showed on a pininterest video using tissue paper, a resist paint, acrylic paint, and credit card. I liked your results, but we had trouble with the resist paint smearing into the paint we applied on top of the resist paint and lost the resist design. Any suggestions to what we did wrong or could do differently? thanks,

    • Hi Nancy….my first hint…acrylic paints that are available seem to be more watered down so try not to use too much.(I have had challenges with the Michael’s brand craft paint) my favorite dimensional paint for the resist is the Tulip white pearl but the Shiny works too!(important to shake well…then shake again) Buy the more expensive white tissue (I have had challenges with the dollar store tissue) and do it on the shiny side of the tissue paper on top of wax paper….make sure it’s on a smooth surface…also try it on brown bag or the white packing type white/beige paper to learn the technique,. The angle of the ‘credit card’/squeegee makes a big difference and not pushing down too hard yet hard enough to squeegee all of the paint. All of these steps need to be done fairly fast as you don’t want any of the paints to set up. Hope this helps!

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