EcoHeidi Craft TV Show

I haven’t been ignoring this blog……just been busy being creative and doing the new EcoHeidi TV show on the Cool2Craft network. All my projects have been going over to the Cool2Craft site. Check out the latest EcoHeidi Projects this week on…there is a video LiveStream on the EcoHeidi Show going 24/7 with this weeks projects and be sure to sign up for the newsletter……then you can get the instruction photo tutorials on these cool projects.

Don’t miss these cool projects…..

Plastic Water Bottle Cap Snake


Cereal Box Mosaic Coasters


Cereal Box and Water Bottle Cap... Tic Tac Toe Game

Every Monday there is a new show on the Cool2Craft Channel. Lots of cool projects. So check it out


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5 responses to “EcoHeidi Craft TV Show

  1. So glad to see you blogging :)

  2. I saw you making a darling doll out of a aleenes glue bottle and can not find the instructions for it anywhere…also how in the world do you get all the glue out of the bottles?

    • GrammyRuby, If you go to and sign up for the newsletter, the instructions with step by step photos will be available in the Tuesday May 3rd newsletter. I used the glue bottle until I couldn’t get any more glue out, then turned it upside down overnight. There is always about 2 tsps. left so put that into another glue bottle. Then keep upside down with lid off over wax paper, and the rest will drain out. Thanks for watching…Heidi

  3. Is there a b ook with the written instructions for your recycle crafts including the doll? I would rather have it on paper then try and remember it from a video on computer…

    • Sorry there is no book on the Glue Muse made on the Monday April 25 EcoHeidi Show. If you sign up for the newsletter on the,, there is almost always a step by step version of what was on each show. It does not come out until the next week. So Monday’s EcoHeidi SHow’s newsletter comes out on Tuesday May 3rd, delivered to your email address, when you sign up… Thanks for watching… Heidi

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