Gift Wrap and Newspaper Pins


Gift Wrap and Newspaper Pin

There are so many gift wrap papers on the market….you can make a quick and easy pin from any gift wrap paper. Easiest way to apply glue is to squeegee glue (I’ve used the Aleene’s Tacky Glue*) onto several thicknesses of newspaper. I use a piece of cardboard or a old credit card to squeegee. You want a thin layer but solid layer of glue. Onto of the prepared newspaper, glue the piece of  the gift wrap paper

Gift Wrap Paper Design on Several preglued thicknesses of newspaper

Trim off excess newspaper and gift wrap paper, then cut out the design with scissors while the glue is still wet.

Trim Off excess newspaper and gift wrap paper, then cut out flower

Here is flower completely cut out


Gift Wrap Flower completely cut out

Apply the 3D Crystal Lacquer from Sakura onto the top…add rhinestones to the wet lacquer.


Applying Sakura 3D lacquer

Let the lacquer dry….It dries with an hour or two depending on weather. Glue a pin back to the back of the flower. You have a quick beautiful pin and you’ve recycled newspaper!!



This was on  January 3rd 2011 Cool2Craft Show check out  to see archived show

*Btw…Aleene is my mom

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2 responses to “Gift Wrap and Newspaper Pins

  1. What a great project!

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