Upcycle those Old Tarnished Ornaments with the Look of Embossing with Glue


Glass Ornaments Upcycled

I have so many older ornaments that keep getting put back into my Christmas boxes….I just can never seem to throw them away….

I love the technique of the Look of Embossing with Glue….I’ve been doing for years with momma Aleene’s Tacky glue…..It’s funny ’cause it is probably a vintage technique…yet it always seems timeless.

Here is a video that I did on Cool2Craft to show you the technique….keep in mind there are so many ways to use this technique.

All you need is Aleene’s Tacky Glue or try one of the newer glues like Aleene’s Fast Grab or Aleene’s Quick Dry….these two work well on the curved surfaces of the ornaments.   I put on a piece of scotch tape on the nozzle to create a fine line flow of the glue.  I used an empty tomato paste can to hold my ornament while I put the glue on.  Squeeze the glue onto the ornament into any design you want…let the glue dry until it is clear….then spray paint with Rustoleum White Flat paint. ( yes I know spray paint is not very eco friendly…. you can use acrylic paint… I would suggest applying a acrylic paint with a cosmetic sponge.. let paint dry in between coats…it will probably take about three coats.).. When paint dries completely you can color with the chalk.  I used the Decorating Chalks ( the ones used in scrapbooking) and brush them on with a hard bristle brush.  You can use any colors of the chalk to change the look. If you want to seal the ornaments, use a Workable Fixative that can be used over chalks (always test first)

Enjoy Creatively Recyling





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5 responses to “Upcycle those Old Tarnished Ornaments with the Look of Embossing with Glue

  1. Love this idea for recycling Christmas ornaments! Thank you for sharing on Cool2Craft Heidi! You’re the coolest!

  2. I am so excited about your new show. Can’t wait.

  3. Heidi…this was a wonderful idea! What can’t you do with these great glues? These would look great with a glimmer mist or mica powder painted or dry brushed on. You might be interested in checking these products out. http://www.lindystampgang.com/
    They have great videos to show ways to use them.

    • Thanks Janet….Yes I need to add some GlimmerMist… Just saw it used on today’s Cool2Craft show. I’ve hear about it, just never used it.
      Thanks for sharing with me-Heidi

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