Plastic Water Bottle Tie Dye Bracelets

Tie Dye Bracelets using Plastic Water Bottles and Rit Dye

This is so cool….. I just love my original idea for covering plastic water bottles with fabric to make cool bracelets. And I love hearing all the stories how everyone has been able to use this project in their own crafting.

Here is another way to decorate the water bottle bracelets….and this is way too cool (And I showed it on the 10/25 Cool2Craft Live show) First… I covered the plastic water bottles with white fabric, then dyed with Rit Dye…for the Tie Dye look….Check out the video below to see my new technique for this project

It’s so much fun… and don’t forget about Christmas presents….. you can make Plastic water bottle bracelets for pennies, and be Eco friendly at the same time.

Have lots of Eco Fun


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2 responses to “Plastic Water Bottle Tie Dye Bracelets

  1. I love these they are really cute I think I have some young girls on my list that would like these.

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